Launching iOS Dev Jobs

I registered the iOS Dev Jobs domain back in 2013, only two years after iOS Dev Weekly started. I didn’t make a site straight away though, not because it wasn’t a good idea but because other people in the community were already doing a great job at filling that need. The Core Intuition job board and Natasha the Robot’s Swift Jobs were the best options, but over the years the maintainers of those two sites have moved on to bigger and better things, leaving a gap that needed filling. So I built something.

I really hope what I’ve made will be truly useful for both iOS developers, and for companies who are looking to hire. There’s already more than 20 positions open on the board, so please go and check them out. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list as that’s going to be the best way to stay aware of new opportunities on a weekly basis.

Say Hello to iOS Dev Jobs!

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