Blogging, again

I’ve run various different blogs on various different topics over the years and I’ve always enjoyed it. However, since starting iOS Dev Weekly back in 2011, even though it’s not technically a blog it has certainly taken most of my time and attention when it comes to writing.

So why start up a blog again, and why now? Well I recently left my job to go back to being an independent developer and consultant and I’m feeling that itch to start writing about things that aren’t a good fit for iOS Dev Weekly.

This is a personal blog so there’s not going to be a strict theme to the posts that appear here, but I’ll mostly stick to what I know so it’ll very likely have a focus on mobile technology. However, I’d also like to write a little about weight loss, diet and exercise which are all important parts of my life at the moment. Also, even though I’m pretty busy with a new contract at the moment I am still (slowly) working on a couple of side project iOS apps in my spare time, so I’m sure they’ll get a mention or two if they ever get close to release.

There’s an RSS feed if you’d like to follow along and I’ll also usually link to posts over on my twitter too. It’s been a while, but let’s give it a go! 🚀

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